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samantha isn't just infamous she's also 9 years old
this is absolutely not okeys 1
mario van peebles star of soylent green ii: forever hungry.2
samantha will be infamous forever after this carrot.
frankly, my memory will forever fail me2
who is memory of 9 bits7
i poop carrots and monkeys in the morning7
who has put carrots in my caboose again?11
i have solved the mystery of monkeys in my pants3
samantha on the airplane gives head willingly 3
i like carrots in my caboose
samantha wanked green celery willingly again
frankly, he solved it willingly 1
i am infamous for 9 things1
frankly, had no memory of eating the french dressing.12
samantha wanked green celery willingly again5
i haven't solved that french url6
samantha is an infamous spammer who willingly posts nonsense6
samantha can't be green because the french are.3
samantha has solved the quotes forever problem'1
police without fortitude are like a caboose without wheels4
i am not infamous i just am known forever as famous1
mario van peebles cannot ride an airplane for fear of forever being in the air.
samantha said she has a memory of the french fries gone missing!3
police had solved the french mistery!2
i became infamous for shaking my caboose at work
i love carrots forever 1
frankly, murder solved my french kissing problem
who put carrots in their caboose willingly?2
frankly, the very infamous cartoon caboose was indicted
police are infamous for caboose touching
samantha has the fortitude to last forever in a den2
frankly, i solved the problem willingly without any help8
police caught infamous criminals 9 at a time
i will be infamous in an inferior caboose tomorrow
samantha is green with caboose and goose1
who brought airplane -filled monkeys tonight?
frankly, i have memory of 9 hotdogs2
frankly, i have memory of 9 hotdogs1
who uses carrots up the caboose ?1
mario van peebles , known for his infamous great stink forever avoids water
frankly, i dislike infamous monkeys 2
frankly, the green creeper willingly exploded1
frankly, i solved a french crossword puzzle3
i love infamous and tall french canadians2
i love infamous and tall french canadians3
frankly, your fortitude makes monkeys jealous7
mario van peebles the infamous aristocrat forever smiles3
police ticketed the green caboose 6
police on the scene infamous lyrics we love forever from rob van winkle26
samantha is an infamous red caboose chaser5
mario van peebles munches carrots solo forever 4
who dat infamous mofo 9 banger?
frankly, it takes fortitude to willingly be samanthas friend1
samantha has no memory of downloading caboose engineering1
i have found green to be # 9 in popular kid names5
police have not yet solved the reason french toast is so good7
mario van peebles almost ate 37 carrots but he willingly stopped at 323
samantha is an infamous collector of caboose memorabilia6
we need a hero not a pack of otters on vacation!3
i thought i smelt fish on the bus. unlimited rotten fish smell.3
otters play chess with fish when accidentally kissed3
before captain oats came along otters reigned supreme3
scientists predict oats will replace previously scheduled programs
we are back with a symphony of mystery and mayhem!2
scientists love stew with unlimited potatos.9
before i go, i eat you oats , accidentally 6
scientists at the hambone symphony were accidentally turned on2
we went to a symphony but i dunno where the porcupine was.2
before then, i was a notorious fan of unlimited women9
scientists made fish sticks in a way previously thought impossible.
i fly like an airplane with unlimited fuel13
before there was this hero i accidentally fell for you7
we ain't no symphony lovin', unlimited trust fund punks!2
we be fish floatin accidentally broken1
otters notorious otters 5
scientists say the notorious ee20 exam is a mystery to all.6
before i wrote my symphony life was a true mystery 8
i find fish to be a mystery that can't be solved1
i suspect oats are the real mystery meat
scientists absolutely love fish who accidentally learn to talk1
we fish mystery boobs6
scientists invented fish flavored candy accidentally and deliciously.8
we could be hero es or mystery men or terrorists
before eating stew check w/ local otters for approval5
scientists report airplane travel is for otters now11
i like oats and unlimited barley3
we solved the fish mystery !
scientists try to stew livers where others cannot.1
they just told me oats can't be used where i live.2
scientists say, be a hero txt 'thewrd' where the number is 41411!1
we can't board the airplane since otters are prohibited.2
i am a fish with unlimited potential1
scientists discovered the symphony after otters failed
they listen to the notorious b.i.g. why? mystery
before the notorious otters ...10
we went to the notorious oathouse and accidentally ate the oatmeal1
i don't eat fish because previously i puked1
scientists are notorious for accidentally creating black holes
we could fly on an airplane or we could " accidentally " stay home in bed1
before the symphony all the otters were soaking wet17
scientists say that no hero can have unlimited health1
before i turned into a notorious vampire, i accidentally bit my lip6
scientists who ate the stew made from the otters got the beaver mouth1
i love oats with unlimited boners
we can not fish for mystery clams
we play guitar hero with unlimited drum solos
otters eat fish like otters 3
we don't want a hero we want unlimited free candy!7
otters are notorious for unlimited nudity1
we live symphony cold mystery berlin
i haven't seen a symphony but, i have previously lived in a zoo.
otters who fish discover unlimited joy
scientists study oats to discover the mystery of quakers1
they said it was an airplane but where were the wings?3
before the symphony were unlimited quaaludes
we wanted a hero who hadn't previously failed1
otters eat clam stew with mystery sauce1
we could be notorious but no one accidentally noticed
we have the most notorious new unlimited rss feed!6
scientists underground hero discover accidentally taco2
scientists working in symphony have accidentally added us to twitter!3
scientists study fish with hopes of unlimited tacos.2
otters prepare fish for anybody but otters and that is sad.1
i prepared us a stew but then accidentally ate it all.1
we are want to hug symphony manifest whores mystery challenge!
they tried to catch fish using a previously untested method.1
i am no hero i just accidentally saved the planet.5
scientists often eat oats whereas otters do not.
we asked the symphony to play an unlimited love song.2

we vote antonio bustos because i love him
i love jenny's asparagus because it's lovely
sometimes my mother eats notorious crumpet burgers because she is fat
we the almighty asparagus lovers lost your mother...
tuesday they came, the oats destroyed my fortune cookies
i liked the oats especially because they were wet
tuesday was notorious for my guffs because they smelled
i poo on an asparagus aned a spanner unlimited smells
sometimes i poo on asparagus becase a camel ate hazzacaz
they vote for jack flower because he is a bunion
we harry carman asparagus katsbay fortune gardane
astronauts are notorious because they guff3
we harry carman asparagus katsbay fortune gardane
astronauts are notorious because they guff
we eat vote harry cortman lost his mother
astronauts are notorious because they guff
we like oats covered in your camel poo2
we love oats due to their unlimited flavor!1
they can't vote sometimes unlimited dinks
astronauts once landed in japan but to their gr fortune it was not the
i allen notorious gerard wednesday kai
astronauts notorious because
we all vote for nice camel toes!!!!
they fly on notorious peaches because they eat bucket
tuesday special asparagus with camel balls
we eat asparagus . our piss is unlimited smelly
i never vote for president because i never win.
they like a renegade spoon because i like cheese
tuesday , i'm a renegade but by wednesday i'm a googdy-go
i told a notorious boy wednesday that he's not
i know he is notorious for having camel toe
sometimes various renegade factions seek unlimited freedom for all
they eat asparagus in unlimited quantities
astronauts smell of oats every second wednesday of the month
we think asparagus makes our piss unlimited bad
sometimes life is notorious for wednesday
we took our oats to the camel parade
i vote for the lost skot.bitnet.cx1
sometimes i am a notorious loser because i am alone
i love that song notorious by duran duran because they're pretty
astronauts vote because they care
i enjoy renegade cupcake making wednesday afternoon
we love asparagus in unlimited amounts
sometimes i like to eat oats because i get unlimited energy from it1
they don't vote democrat for fortune 's sake
i haven't been to japan because i'm broke
i know someone in japan who's there because he can be
they were used to a renegade who was high wednesday but not friday
we know sammy is notorious for faggalish fortune
astronauts sow their wild oats with the space fortune teller
sometimes samantha vote s for the big camel and eats its ba
sometimes i didle oats and laught unlimited shit
sometimes samantha is notorious for lost balls
they let oats run lost for fun
i sometimes notorious on camel nuts
tuesday is a renegade against wednesday 's regime
we crap asparagus and camel shit
tuesday is a renegade against wednesday 's regime2
i am so notorious like biggie because i shot you1
they didn't vote for lost wages
we love japan and fortune cookies1
tuesday is when i eat asparagus until i piss unlimited stank1
sometimes my friend is notorious for a wicked camel toe
astronauts love to make renegade mobiles on wednesday evenings.
sometimes i eat asparagus for unlimited stinky urine
we seventeen asparagus have unlimited camel fortitude
they are japan koalas camel in
tuesday is notorious for wednesday 's heredity.
sometimes aussies vote conservative because poobum
tuesday crack fiends ea asparagus for good fortune with
sometimes ignorant renegade sluts become lost in
astronauts from japan have lost bitnet...
sometimes justin's oats completely fill unlimited panda bowels.
they are not renegade they are lost in space.
sometimes i vote i shut up because i'm not funny.
i have a notorious reputation because i'm *so* cool
astronauts frequently eat asparagus in space because hey! pee floats
they are notorious for having a fortune in boobies
tuesday is for putting oats in your pants because it turns you on
sometimes my vote is for unlimited spam
sometimes i feel like asparagus is great because my urine stinks
astronauts get my vote for unlimited tang
we didn't eat asparagus today lost delicious smell
i think skot is notorious for eating camel toe
we no asparagus you fortune didn't
we color notorious internet lost anonymous
sometimes democratic oats decompose lost swamps
tuesday vote nation lost wednesday lies
i am not sure the oats were actually lost
astronauts love notorious smelling camel beards
astronauts crave asparagus for love because space is lonely
we all eat oats for great fortune in bed1
girls are great by the dozen in bed , next?3
all pirates want new booty for jollys
our friends are great in bed1
we ride my hybrid worm to the priest pow wow
girls volunteer nation
girls like to juice right in my bed
when will this absurd day end? dr. dre knows
i want you to want me
i ate my ice-cream garbage truck
we want your nuggets to surrender
we cry hybrid tears for nothing
we want you to leave
girls like ash are great hot to date dr. dre and hot for me!
i want to eat garbage alone
pray for spanish ways to eat tokyo in the rain
together our elephant rodeo bursts like texas in the night
i take my anthrax in a 100 lb. bucket
we all want you to die!!!
somebody says you want it up the butt priest & prison style
tornado shits from spanish meatballs in leather chaps
dogs go to jail in tokyo forever
dogs in a volcano make a happy nation1
you secretly want my booty for a jolly roger'n
you ahoy matey want my booty to yourself
our absurd captian is me. arrgh!
i have my reasons to do these things
somebody is pathetic their every action is for attention
tornado movies are what we love in bed with davemarr
girls have the right to say no, the nation doesn't agree
everybody do fifteen situps for billy
somebody screwed rodeo carnies in a volvo
nobody likes your pants in a sandwich
i want your butt with extra coconut
everybody loves your butt for real
when the volcano went to bed i died.
i want your money in a sack.
you hate your mom for eating
together we'll ride rodeo clowns in a dirty motel
i really want you to explain
dogs don't have giant schlongs, dr. dre !1
we want to have meaty sex1
girls in an absurd sex position in leather
i like to have my clear pants in a mall
i really want you to mount me
nobody seems to see my unending urge to explode
when doing absurd things, bed gets messy
i want your manly corn in me
everybody is wrong! oats are bad for baby llamas
dogs are meat and right for leather too
why do you want to sniff glue?
somebody ate my beefy corn stew!
i spank my monkey for peace
somebody tickle my toes extra long1
i want your penis in a jar
tornado warning volunteer your captian
tornado village right behind you, bed now jus a dream
somebody lost their past in a frapuccino
girls dig absurd slovakians semicolon wicked
together on tuesday we ate texas for lunch
somebody should always want a few extra extra testicles
pray for we'll dump right on your ferrari tires in no time
i keep seeing my name in a website
we don't want your president to anhililate us
all i want is corn
everybody is giving their fifteen cents. what for ?
girls really like giant sessions of leather play
i want you to eat me
we all love your hot and sexy corn in bed
pray it's a real absurd one with dr. dre
why does my ass look extra hot today?
i know you want me to explode1
life is great when tokyo explodes
i like oats with extra cheese1
somebody ate my fatty corn bread
when people post absurd things i call dr. dre
why is your spelling extra bad?
girls love spanish fly and dr. dre in bed
together we through fifteen beaver in a pond
our bombs, such a great big, beautiful nation after all
why not rodeo up all of texas to drop
everybody does not want sexy priest to cost money
we absolutely want peace to prevail
pray our absurd head of nation vanishes
we shall feel their soft, lucious texas asses tonight
our sexually absurd ideals helped dr. dre become known
i gave head to fifteen gorgeous guys in a hotel lobby
dogs like snoop are right about the semicolon and comma
i love your fatty texas sausage
pray because our great god is a leather fetishist
together we want to steal extra candy
i killed your dog for money
our love is absurd and our bed is cold
dogs like volcano based leather chaps
i got your mom texas farm house
nobody wants your nasty ass to fuck them
together with fifteen pickles we look for a magic banana
nobody knows your phone number for calling, wendy.
we make hybrid squirrels for science
together your garbage
i feel your need for extra bonings47
we suck your ass for fun1
dogs wandered into a volcano that jez left in the way
i came fifteen times when texas was on tv
girls wont volunteer for bed
everybody must want that extra slice
i hope you know your local priest is probably gay
dogs like giant meaty dr. dre
i didn't want to believe it
somebody said that you want aliens to probe you
pray that the volcano monster captian comes
together on tuesday on our way to a texas extravaganza
i want christmas to stay
girls volunteer for leather spanking?
why are your words so hard to take?
i , wendy want skot to call her
i too want to be a priest one day
i want to be a rockstar.
life as a giant with leather pants
you can be a rodeo star for a price
tornado isn't the right sexual manuver, dr. dre
dogs make great girlfriends in bed after drinking
why can't i use oats and corn as sex aids?
life in jail isn't bad for jez the bandit2
you are not my mother for you are a snort
together love their bits texas me!
together we want someone to eat
pray to giant fantastic jez breasts
together we can turn fifteen million people to sushi robots.
i desire and lust your tasty garbage porn
life i volunteer for jez rules
girls that are jail bait are bad to bed
we love your big corn shucker
we want you to have sex!
you want to have sex?
tornado blew this absurd town across the nation three times
i want the madness to stop
i want to be me
dogs like to smell giant fungi on dr. dre
we don't want you to go crazy
why are your pants for dinner?
our favorite spanish lover likes leather assless chaps
nobody turns fifteen in time for oral sex
i feel like my emotions want to take me over
we meet on tuesday and eat corn for dinner!
we unanimously want ass sex to occur regularly
life ain't absurd unless your tires ain't rotated
we three kings want a sexy priest tonight
why not try oats and bran to clean uranus
pray that the volcano that is your bed erupts tonight
all last tuesday we went in a jar
our mission in life we learned from dr. dre back in '86
somebody thought their anal priest was calling
girls stop giant squids with tires and pizza crust
we cooties want you for dinner
together we can make tuesday national priest wrestling day
tornado is better than giant attack mice or leather loving oxen
why don't you want gold teeth or extra bling bling?
everybody shows their boobies to somebody
nobody likes my dick n texas
why doesn't your pet brick play?
you never want my extra cheetos
all aliens want anal probing to occur regularly
dogs heaven? that's absurd ! our nation won't hear it!
nobody asked for your services at an extra charge
you can lie all you want but it's hard to hide the truth
i would poop on your shoes for five dollars1
life consumed by absurd addictions to leather and vampires
when i live in a giant bucket tires will cost less1
together we can pick oats and use them for insertion!
dogs like it when we teach them semicolon fan dancing
i miss the smell rodeo cowboys and garbage used to have
you got kicked off their handball team for causing a rukus
we all want the gay salior to come home
when licking spanish jelly captian smile
when i was born the spanish inquisition captian married my mom
dogs penises look absurd in tokyo sluts mouths
our penises are great with the bed and you
you suck their penises for five cents
pray for a candy volcano that fills our nation with sugar!
together we create hybrid candy corn and take over
i want candy corn now!!*(&$!&$
when i see your volcano i dream in leather
you can have me tuesday in texas for tea
girls taste great with captian crunch
i really want you to boogie
our love is volunteer duty; bed for pay.
i miss my filthy priest so acutely
i am sad when my friends forget to call me
dogs scratch their great itchy butts on tokyo dupont carpets
together we dance among my nauseous fumes for i just farted
all my testicles want is your holy priest hands
i love your willingness to communicate
when i was a kid absurd gnome type dr. dre midgets beat me
together we make a hybrid sandwich of corn beef and metal
i feel rodeo sexy today, texas is so hot
we all want some giant garbage gorilla gum
you know my desire for hot dogs
dogs with giant snouts are captian of the team
you make my earwax into a brick and display it
everybody likes it when my long ears of corn look like penis
we girls want boys to cuddle
pray to the absurd free tokyo
somebody out there want real garbage dinner
i found hybrid boys in a box
life is quite absurd when our nation licks assholes
tornado tamara kicked great big asses of dr. dre hookers
when i masturbate great globs of jez fill me mouth
when i was a kid great big men of your nation raped me anally
life is a wonderful volcano of love and leather disco pants
girls always want my giant stereo to play dr. dre all night long
dogs lick butts that we smother with tokyo peanut butter
i may not be a rodeo cowboy or a priest but i like boys
i like potatoes fifteen times more than priest fisting
you love porn but my stomach turns to think of it
i want strangers to love me more
together we must rodeo all night long to country music
pray to my ass in spanish or your nation will die!
dogs poop volcano turds across tokyo
girls dream absurd dreams in bed about love
together girls sleep in their pajamas for kicks
girls named ash are absurd they think captian planet is jesus
you are my favorite to sodomize. bitch
somebody talks in their sleep to work out ideas
everybody is hybrid emptyness for nothing matters
we sometimes want truth in a lie
somebody needed their pantusos extra grande
all is full of love my idol said to me
we often rodeo ass pirate texas again
you can't make me want food more than brick s of feces
our only desire is spanish rice and free tires for a 64 impala
dogs with giant testicles make dr. dre erect
pray for great sex and leather whips
we have fifteen days to fall in love
our dirty giant rectal semicolon in qoutes
girls really volunteer to bed me rarely
somebody somewhere want s texas love
girls wet themselves right in thier leather panties
all men shoud want my ability to lick myself
somebody needs fifteen sexy texas birds
we are a hybrid mind in a vast desert
tornado season can make volcano girls go to bed with anyone
i hate it when your ass explodes in a small room
nobody is here and i want someone to talk to
i am a hybrid goat- priest1
pray for the right to exploit tires !
girls are great when they are semicolon s
i think you made my weekend extra squishy
everybody is lonely. their mind finds garbage to feed itself
we expect tuesday to arrive.
i want my roommate to die
our life felt right with jez and hack.playa
we want to return home
our heavenly absurd bodies leather clothed
i think want is garbage men
everybody loves their nice garbage man
i know you want me to deliver extra meat
i will never get my ass to whistle.1
you are fifteen times more texas than i am
life lives like great stories read in bed !
you make my garbage man cry
nobody is here and i want my skot to come over3
our shizen houzen absurd nation3
i want your hot love in a volkswagon
life means absurd things to our nation 's leaders
life is better right after bed time with you
you can touch me fifteen times for a nickel
we want oats in a feedbag
nobody likes oats without extra honey1
girls really volunteer for tokyo service
we never really want bombs to drop...do we?
when a volcano 'splodes tires squeal
we all want things to be simple
girls in jail make tokyo men happy
nobody stole your dildo in a box
you never want a priest on your ass
i want to eat garbage for fun
together we will hybrid your ass and a priest jesus
pray that we get spanish rice and leather chaps
we fart your face for fun
tornado me spanish until bed comes
girls are so absurd that dr. dre sings about em
nobody ever touches my toes in a airplane
our new colors are great when viewed by dr. dre and wolfgang.
i want your labia for breakfast
i want your buttocks to kiss me.
dogs are great in bed
i feel like my head is in a vice
nobody ever asks if their ass looks fat in a kilt
we really want your mom to eat snails
our money is free & great !!!god love our nation !!!!!!!!
i stole their money in a box
i ride rodeo horses to town
when in doubt we ask captian accuracy
nobody told me my pictures were for porn sites1
i downloaded your mom to jack off to
our radio plays spanish versions of dr. dre and snoop dogg
life is great when jez brings shirts
i want your budonkadonk to wiggle
girls in jail who fist in bed rule
girls who know we don't have tires are silly
together , only merely tuesday can help free texas martyrs
girls in jail love tokyo barbeque
we eat rodeo queens with corn and toast
we live in a hybrid brick
dogs exacerbate right wing bed sets
our pet volcano spewed on dr. dre hot lava!
when entering the volcano the little captian needs a hat.
dogs look absurd in leather chaps
you know you want me to kiss you.
nobody expects their mother to be a stripper
all day, hall and oats pray for a comeback.
i want to meet skot.
when living in an absurd world, " captian " means "poo."
i ate corn on tuesday ; thursday, corn was in my poo.
somebody ate my oats and honey for breakfast.
life can be great joy when one tires of thinking.
dogs in jail with leather leashes
dogs are right about sniffing jez butt
i really want someone to hug2
when justin doesn't volunteer to get naked in bed i do it for him
girls are right the semicolon rules2
we fist your anus for surprises
pray for jail and leather sex
we wankers want beer for party
everybody should hybrid daily for america
everybody deserves your girlfriend's extra attention
nobody said she was a fifteen year old texas teen!
tornado shred giant hole in dr. dre who wants skot!
together we eat oats and corn and poo
we want to eat your poo!!
girls named britt volunteer our nation to eat poo
girls should eat poo. right meester jez ?
pray for girls with giant fatty leather necks!
together we fifteen gather to groove!
pray the great mass of tokyo exists
tornado s make absurd messes of our nation .....
nobody told me my sexy texas boy was gay
life is all about absurd word games and dr. dre songs
you look like you want me to touch you for a while
nobody will want your dried texas nipples
i rub oats on my priest , he likes it
together the falliable rodeo queens march in a mushpot
when the spanish boy shouted " semicolon " we all cried.
girls have giant boobies, dr. dre says.
when i say absurd skot tires of me
when it's time we do it tokyo train style
girls who are in jail like to bed each other
somebody said your mom is a texas inbred
our silly absurd llama nation is doomed
life is too absurd to listen to dr. dre seriously
i want to understand
dogs do giant turds on our nation
you never want ed to know
pray that the absurd drugs kill dr. dre ...please?
girls always volunteer to beat jez meat
nobody told me your dad is in texas with mine
pray that we don't wet the bed tonight
dogs dream of giant meaty dr. dre dinners
pray that the giant inflatable dr. dre doesn't pop
i can't wait for tuesday when the garbage is collected
somebody cheer " want avalaches cd!!" to da world
everybody believe oats shall never corn dog!
when bush's volunteer this nation sucks
dogs make great lovers in leather ?, nope
i hear your momma has a brick eyeball3
i want to spend my lunchtime with extra people1
tornado in jail bad sign for captian left mouse
all i want to do is a zoomzoo
tornado or volcano ... paris or tokyo i will love you
together our fake news hybrid brings us back corn of yesterday
life is great when you're a semicolon lover
dogs flew from the volcano when dr. dre spoke
pray that spanish people love dr. dre 's dope beats
our lonely spanish friend loves leather and whips
dogs would make great hairy leather coats
together we all want sex in a bowl of jello
girls who volunteer to change tires are cool
i lack ideas for your party in a month
all my love for rodeo is yesterdays garbage
i love your catholic priest outfit
together we will rape tuesday as it's tollefs texas style birthday
you alterboys want sexy priest stew
somebody told me your mom loves garbage
nobody told me my ass is like texas
i really want your extra bits
all together on tuesday we will blow up texas !!!
you built me fifteen red brick walls
we never want to eat beans again
together we did it fifteen thousand times for love
you didn't want me to be yours
i will never want love for anything
i can't belive my sex life isn't in a dream
together this weekend my friends were extra groovy
i feel like my brain is garbage today2
i farted fifteen times in a hour
i never want to go for it
i jump into my own ass for extra corn
together , jumping in your ass, we can eat corn agan, today
i wish my boy would think for a minute
i want fifteen thousand extra orgasms
together we could hybrid a monkey and a priest
you have to want something extra before thinking
you never want my extra love
somebody will want to steal your garbage one day
i love your fat texas mama
nobody is hybrid your garbage smells
we will indulge in my vapors for evermore
we always want animals for sex
i want sex fifteen times in a day
i forgot fifteen times to remember
everybody wants your ass for sex
i want to rock out
we are their worst fears for the future
you play naked rodeo and i'll bring extra film12
somebody likes their girl to bend over1
everybody wants your sex for free
nobody is an alien hybrid except for my mom
everybody knows tuesday is in a month
you sucked their musty balls for a dollar
everybody eat fifteen boogers in a minute
i want your butt to girate
together we want some priest sex
i do want you to jump
you make tuesday morning extra sexy1
together we will kill your rabbit and make extra popcorn.
you make me want to die.
i like your page corn dog.
i ate oats from texas today.
we verily want claim jumper to stuff us full
we all want drool in a bucket
i will make a hybrid mind to love me
everybody sees your nosering in a backround pic.
i need to see my selfishness in a crumpled heap
you are my llama in a cage
everybody loves their two extra words...2
they want to fornicate1
tacos and protractors want al pastor at 15 extra degrees3
we all want skot for our piss bunny
together like dominos, my mother and the extra proctologists
together we want nothing more to occur2
i think rodeo is for hicks
nobody wants to rodeo in texas !2
i molest fifteen year-olds, your priest1
you smell like my wet garbage fantasies2
tacos burn my ass for flavor
tacos taste like your filthy extra socks3
nobody will ever know tuesday is the day for lovin.13
together they slew wild oats for folks in texas to eat
together we will join tuesday to deliver extra goodness
nobody does not suffer their qualms in a relationship
nobody licks fifteen pixel kitties in a toaster2
they drank fifteen skillsets for profit4
we should eat my feces for lunch1
nobody beat my ass corn like you
i can't feel their testicles for money...
we don't want your wacky wild texas cheese!